Brand Voice

Tone of Voice

Our voice evokes our personality. It informs the language we use and the proper inflections for any given situation.


We know who we are. We don’t try to be someone or something we’re not. We relate to our audience on a human level. We're not afraid to show our true selves.


People choose us for our expertise. They love us because we talk to them like a friend. We translate jargon into smart, clear concepts without pretense.


We support our clients because we care. We relate to their challenges, hopes and dreams. We help them as if they were part of the family, friends or neighbors.

Tone of Voice Guidelines

Anytime you write, keep these guidelines in mind.


Champion our promise.

Our voice is uplifting, steady and spirited — never complacent or compromising. Passion for our promise should come across in our every word.


Be a coach.

Language should be warm, supportive and trusting. We use our knowledge, passion and insight to guide our clients to achieve their dreams.


Be human.

Lose industry clich├ęs and overused jargon. Use human, simple, approachable language, mimicking the way you would talk in person.


Every word matters.

Every word, phrase, and punctuation changes the meaning of a message. It’s all in the details.



Know what you‘re saying and get to the point. Use clear and concise language. Avoid repetition.